An aerial drone shot of a sandy shore and the ocean.

California is known for many things, but at the top of the list lies its beautiful beaches. The entire coast is dotted with stunning stretches of sand, but it turns out that not all beaches are available to everyone. In fact, the state has been working for awhile to claim back some of the beaches from the one percent, and make them all available to the public. Thankfully, one more has recently been added to the roster.

A private coastal property once known as Bixby Ranch has been transferred back to Santa Barbara County after the current landowners made land developments without proper permits. A settlement was reached, and now the 36 acres and mile-long beach (which was off-limits for 100 years) will be added as an extension to Jalama Beach, which was already a popular destination for surfing and fishing. 

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Though there's no specific date quite yet as to when the beach will open, it can be reached via a small road off Highway 1, approximately 150 miles north of Los Angeles (at the south end of the Vandenberg Air Force base). For travelers who want to spend the night, the area also has campsites and cabins, plus a small market and grill.