The silhouettes of people kayaking inside of a cave in Lan Ha Bay, close to Halong Bay, Vietnam

Canada is adored for its natural landscape — from its snowy peaks to its lush green forests — it's truly an outdoor adventurer's dream destination. But dig a little deeper and you might just find one of it's hidden gems. The latest to be discovered is a secret cavern dating back to the ice age below the city of Montreal, Québec.

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The 200-meter long passageway underground cave originated over 15,000 years ago during the last ice age and includes both a lake and stalactites. It's located below Parc Pie-XII in the Saint-Léonard borough. Speleologists Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc discovered the cave network in October by digging through a decomposed wall of limestone and used an inflatable canoe to explore the cavern, which is filled with nearly five-meters of water.

“The results of these explorations are quite extraordinary. These galleries unveil a new wealth of our natural heritage that adds value to the cavern already known to the public,” said Michel Bissonnet, mayor of Saint-Leonard borough, in a statement.