Winter has not been kind to Canada this year. Thankfully, spring is well on its way, and so is spring break. That means two things: margaritas by the ocean, and crowds; crowds at the airport, crowds at the beach, crowds on the streets.

Fortunately, Kayak has released a report on the most popular spring break destinations by province, so that we know where the crowds will be going. While Hawaii, Havana, Cancun, and Puerto Rico did make the list, more unexpected destinations also popped up: Albertans have been looking to cross the pond and increased their searches for Auckland, NZ by 203%. Meanwhile, the Maritimes seem keen on staying within North America, with PEI looking to get away to Fort Lauderdale, New Brunswick to Los Angeles, and Newfoundland to Toronto – but only 5% more than usual.

So if you're looking to avoid spending spring break in a town overrun by tourists, plan out your trip with Kayak's complete breakdown by province (or by American state) and start booking those flights ASAP. 

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