Herbal Notes pop-up cannabis dinner

When it comes to weed, there's a whole lot of things you can do with it. It's a very versatile drug that can be smoked, baked, and apparently, cooked — a unique form that will be coming to Chicago for a pop-up dinner on December 4. 

Put on by California-based supper club Herbal Notes, the dinner will include six courses of cannabis-infused delights. Guests can expect dishes like 'squid ink tostada with avocado mousse', 'Oaxacan mole sauce served in poached chicken', and 'smoked and roasted sweet potato in CBD Mexican milk sauce.'

Chef and founder Manny Mendoza aims to educate guests about cannabis and break them out of the stoner stigma, creating a safe place for people to discuss the different strains and medicinal benefits, and have meaningful conversations about what's going on in the city. After you finish your meal, a take-home bag will also be included, containing creative edibles like sauces, coconut oils, and olive oil (so you can cook with cannabis at home, too). 

And in case you were wondering, no, weed technically isn't legal in Illinois. Thanks to this, the dinner's location has yet to be revealed (Mendoza doesn't want to attract the wrong attention), however a $125 ticket will get you the deets. You can request a reservation via the Herbal Notes website, but know that dinners in the past have proved quite popular, and not everyone will be able to get a seat. That said, more dinners are planned to pop up in future. 

In an article by Eater Chicago, Mendoza states, “My hope is that we help by bringing more positive dialogue to the table,” Mendoza said. “I’m hoping that we help progress legislation in pockets of the state; we just want to reinforce in the whole movement that this is good for everyone, not just a small group.”

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