Which Hogwarts House do you belong to? The muggles of Chicago are about to find out, using nothing but their taste buds to sample the different houses. 

The City Winery is hosting a two-night, two-hour HarryPotter-themed wine tasting on October 24 and 25. For $85, you can have a taste of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryfindor, and Slytherin as part of a four-course pairing menu, representative of each house. The menu has been kept a mystery to add to the thrill of this magical evening, but City Winery promises that, “with a dash of mystery and a dollop of creativity, we will conjure up a prixe-fixe meal that not even 'Obliviate' will make you forget.”

The event, officially named 'Expecto! A Harry Potter Wine Dinner', has captured the attention of many with tickets for the first evening sold out quickly. While we don't have a Time-Turner to go back and get those, tickets for the second night just went on sale Thursday, opening first to VinoFile members and then to the rest of the muggle-born world.

There is sure to be some mischief managed and house elves who can’t handle their liquor; perhaps even some floating (or imploding) feathers as you attempt to pronounce “wingardium leviosa” after taste test number four.  So be it by Floo Powder, broom, or portkey, you're going to want to make your way over there.