a macaron with a toasted marshmallow filling

Chances are you haven't had a marshmallow since you were a kid. What we once topped all of our hot chocolates with, toasted by the campfire, and snuck into the pantry to stuff our mouths with has since lost its appeal... until now. 

Enter Chicago's brand new marshmallow cafe, XO Marshmallow. Aiming to bring the sweet, sticky snack back into the 21st century, owners (and #ladybosses) Kat and Lindzi use premium ingredients to give marshmallows a whole new twist. Think champagne flavoured, matcha mallows, and more. Diving into exactly that, we bring you six very convincing reasons to visit XO. 


Part s'more, part taco, these s'macos are to die for. Think an ice cream waffle cone stuffed with three sweet marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate. It's an imaginative, sugary alternative to the Mexican staple.


S'mores Donut cookies

Take two gluten-free donut cookies, sandwich a little MarsHalo (donut-shaped marshmallow) inbetween, and again, add chocolate. If you didn't think donuts could get any better, this is proof you're wrong.


Marshmallow Donut Sandwiches

While teased on XO's Instagram page, we're not totally sure if this one's on the menu yet. Consider it inspiration to order one of their marshmallow dream bars, or Whoopie! Pies.


Classic S'mores

You can never go wrong with an original s'more. Graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted, ooey gooey marshmallows make this campfire classic a must. 


Unicorn Hot Chocolates

Like those donut sandwiches, we're not sure yet if Unicorn Hot Chocolates are on the menu. You can, however, get dark, white, or salted caramel hot chocolate and add extra marshmallows at 0.50 a piece. Create your own!


Oreo Cookie S'mores

Last but not least come these dreamy Oreo cookie s'mores. Since XO Marshmallow is still testing out new ideas and flavors, definitely contact them at to get on this one, stat! 


XO Marshmallow is still testing new ideas and flavours for their menu. Visit them at 6977 N Sheridan Road in Chicago, or contact them at hello@xomarshmallow.com to let them know what you'd like to see!