a woman eating nutella on the toast at Nutella Cafe Chicago

Nutella has been a staple of European and North American pantries for decades, ever since Italian baker Pietro Ferrero created the spread in 1946. Since then, the hazelnut-chocolate concoction has reached cult-like status – but it seems that it has only recently reached its peak popularity. An entire Nutella-themed cafe is expected to open in Chicago's Millennium Park Plaza on May 31.

Designed in the form of an actual jar of Nutella, the cafe will reportedly offer everything from crepes and baked goods to gelato and caffeinated drinks. Especially tempting are the Nutella fondues, sandwich cookies, and panna cotta options on the NutellaDelights menu – all of which are not found in Nutella's Eataly bar.


Tempted? Organizers for the US cafe's opening are promising "special surprises" for the first 400 customers in line at 10am. And if you ever want a break from over-indulging your sweet tooth, Nutella-free paninis and salads will also be available. So get ready to line up early in the morning, and spend the rest of the day working off that sugar high.

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