The "Welcome to Hawkins" sign outside The Upside Down bar in Chicago

For those who simply can't wait for the October 27th release of more Stranger Things episodes, a trip to Chicago should be in order. Emporium Popup just opened The Upside Down, a Stranger Things-themed bar in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, and it makes all of our science fiction dreams come true.

Open most likely until the end of September, the bar has elements of the show featured throughout the decor, including a "Welcome to Hawkins" sign, those colorful Christmas lights that Joyce uses to communicate with Will, and a perfect recreation of Will's fort: Castle Byers. Of course, there's also some huge TV screens playing episodes of the show on repeat. Because clearly we're obsessed.

The drink menu also incorporates the Netflix favorite, listing equally out-there libations like the 'Eleven's Eggos', 'Demogorgun', 'Snack Pack', 'She's Our Friend & She's Crazy', and of course, the 'Mouthbreather.' Open Wednesday through Sunday, you'll have to strategize your visit wisely to squeeze it in over the next month, but don't worry, because after that the show will make its return. Also recently announced? Season three is officially confirmed — yaaass.