Alright, let's just get one thing straight — Chicago totally killed it in Cleveland last night, right? In game seven of the World Series, the Windy City's cherished baseball team took home the title for the first time in 108 years, creating a comeback more epic than that of Britney Spears.

With the Cubs down 3-1 to the Cleveland Indians after game four, it looked as though all hope was lost. These guys have some serious grit, though, and managed to pull through the next two games until the rankings were an evenly-matched 3-3. Only six teams have ever been able to make that kind of comeback in the past, most recently being when the Kansas City Royals took the title back in 1985. When not one, but two more games were slayed, there was just one more to go before the Cubs could end the 108-year drought since their last championship, and it was to be played on the opposing team's territory at Progressive Field.

Win they did. In a nail-biting game that took the teams into an overtime 10th inning, Cubs player Ben Zobrist hit the double that finished it all. With a final score of 8-7 over the Indians, Chicago's going to be one celebratory city for awhile, and we can't blame them. Events kick off this Friday at 10am with a championship parade through the streets of downtown (it's expected to run from Wrigley Field to Grant Park), and we have no doubts that sports bars and nighlife venues will be packed throughout the weekend. If you're in Chicago, you've struck gold as there's really no better time to be there. Well, except maybe 1908.

For Cleveland, the wait continues. While they haven't won a title since the 1948 World Series, that doesn't mean it won't ever happen — the Cubs are proof of that.