Looking for an easy last-minute costume idea this Halloween? We suggest painting yourself yellow and putting on your best white t-shirt and jeans — voilà an easy Homer Simpson makeover in a matter of seconds. Even better? This bar will welcome you with open arms.

In the spirit of Halloween, REPLAY Lincoln Park — an arcade pub in Chicago — has transformed its rear bar into a Moe’s Tavern-inspired pop-up. Gather your pals together and dress as your favorite Simpsons characters while glugging down Homer's go-to 'Duff Beer' and watching segments of Channel 6 newsman Kent Brockman on retro TVs. 

When you're not drinking beer, you can play free classic Simpsons arcade and pinball games, or pose for a picture with a live Duffman impersonator. Of course, there will also be plenty of Simpsons-inspired art to admire too. You can check out this Moe's Tavern pop-up is open from now until Halloween. Find out more on the REPLAY Lincoln Park website.