Chicago is a city brimming with talent and flair, and the culture often spills over into the realm of fashion. From vintage and bright to modern and minimalistic, the diversity never slows, and the stylish locals do an impressive job of documenting their inspiring (and Insta-worthy) outfits. If you find yourself searching for a little extra wardrobe inspiration, you're in the right place.">@Chicagochicblog">@Chicagochicblog

, aka Rachel Jensen, takes you back in time with her inspiring and impressive range of vintage glam. Her style is clean and classy, so if you’re an avid admirer of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s style, you should absolutely look her up.">@LizAdams

If you are looking for something comfy, casual and equally chic,">Liz is your girl. Though we never would have guessed, Adams is a proud mother, giving a whole new (and way more positive) meaning to the term "mom jeans."">@AnnaBaun

With each post,">Anna brings you the ultimate in Spring style. Her wardrobe is filled with pops of bright colors and floral patterns, which provide ideal inspo for a flirty summer date night. Make sure you check out her Insta page; you won’t be disappointed.">@Farhfromordinary">@Farhfromordinary

(aka Farheen Ebrahim)’s style is perfect if you need inspiration for a job interview or a sophisticated day-at-the-office outfit. Farheen combines the striking appeal of business chic with a casual vibe that you can transition into the evening. In the words of Kanye, Farheen's style “is dope”!">Drunkonshoes

Ah yes, shoes. Every outfit is incomplete without them, and">@drunkonshoes , aka Shai Chung, has the very best at her disposal. Not only is Chung’s shoe game always on point, but she has the perfect combination of both upscale and edgy outfits. If you check out her account, you'll fall in love with at least one item pretty quick.">@Thatgirlgick

Thida Lertsburapa, aka">@Thatgirlgick , perfectly pulls off the whimsical look with her amazing fashion choices. Her Instagram page is similar to that of a fairytale, but with a modern day twist. It’s perfect for a romantic night out.">The Sassy Peach">@TheSassyPeach

, aka Aramide Esubi, has a bold sense of style that incorporates more patterns and prints than most of us know what to do with. Her combination of clothing and accessories is fun and perfectly paired, but we're pretty sure her huge smile (which is visible in nearly every picture) is the best part.
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