For those who want to experience the surreal atmosphere of Burning Man long after the festival, this super unique stay in Chile is for you. Like some sort of sci-fi setting, Elqui Domos is the first and only astronomic hotel in the southern hemisphere.

Located near La Serena, a coastal city in northen Chile, this cluster of seven geodesic cabins promises a totally unique hotel experience among the mountainous terrain. Made up of a timber structure and PVC dome, each cabin looks like a plush, displaced igloo, which sleeps four.

Even better, it's on Airbnb, so not only is it easy to book but it promises some ridiculously cool activities. Think astronomic tours, day and night-time horse rides, massages and meditation, tarot sessions, and bike and car rentals.

Inside, the cabins are pretty minimalist, with dark wooden slats that contrast with the white bubble that surrounds them. But perhaps the coolest feature of Elqui Domos is that in each cabin, beds are located beneath a detachable roof that's made for stargazing.

If that doesn’t satiate your stargazing needs, there's even an astronomic observatory within the hotel grounds. It contains high-grade Ceslestron telescopes with CGEM equatorial German frames. For those who don’t know what the heck that means, trust us when we say you'll get to see some seriously amazing extraterrestrial views that few get to experience.

If Elqui Domos hotel isn’t a good enough reason to explore Chile, we don’t know what is.