World's largest Ferris Wheel in China

Second to the UAE, China is probably the next country most famous for its crazy infrastructure projects and extravagant architecture. Never one to disappoint, the province of Shandong is about to reveal its most recent feat of engineering: a 145-metre tall Ferris Wheel without spokes.

Dubbed the Bailing River Bridge Ferris Wheel, the ring-like ride is ten metres taller than the London Eye, and will officially break the world record for tallest spokeless Ferris Wheel. With 36 carts along its circumference, each unit can carry up to 10 passengers and comes equipped with WiFi on-board, as well as one TV in each cart.

While it's currently undergoing the last stages of safety testing and evaluation, the thrilling ride is promised to open to the public very soon. No details have yet been released on tickets and pricing, but we're sure it'll be worth the view.

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