For the past two weekends, all roads led to Palm Springs, California for the much anticipated Coachella festival. A place where tan lines, great music, irresistible fast food and 70’s fashion come to life, even if only for a fleeting few days. Although Coachella is only kickstarting the long line-up of outdoor festivals, it dominates the scene in ticket sales and media exposure, exuding the vibe that it’s the place to see and be seen. Of course with great opulence comes great style, and the fashion over the weekends can’t go unmentioned. With this  year as no exception, festival-goers went above and beyond to place their personal twist on the classic boho-chic theme.

From high-slits and delicate lace to fringed crop tops and shimmering head crowns, we bring you our carefully curated picks of the best in Coachella style.   May they influence your inner wild spirit to come forth for fashion.

 Photo Credit: driely.s for Cosmopolitan