Ever heard of Parachute, Colorado? Chances are you haven't, but that is about to change. The 1,000-person town is set to become the very first town or city in the United States to open a marijuana drive-thru store.

Tumbleweed Express has just been approved for a license to distribute Colorado's most famous export, and the shop window is expected to launch operations later this month. The Tumbleweed Dispensary has been a community favorite for a long time, with the extended service coming as a natural next step for the business. And for anyone concerned about customers driving under the influence, all the same drug laws apply as it would to a regular dispensary and security will be very tight.

The new business idea will be a win-win for all involved, especially considering that weed brings in roughly 30% of the town's tax revenue. So next time you're in town, drop by and light up, knowing that you're doing Parachute a favor.

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