wine bottles on the beach

When we drink wine the right way, it's usually sitting out in the sun with a warm breeze blowing through our hair. Whether we're in California's Napa Valley, BC's Okanagan, or Italy's Tuscan countryside is almost irrelevant — all we see is rows upon rows of gorgeous grape vines, and all we taste is damn good wine.

Well, until now. A new vineyard called Edivo Vina is not only located on a Croatian beach, but it's all underwater. Situated about an hour away from Dubrovnik, the wines are aged above ground for three months before they're moved into the sea for up to two years. Contained in clay pots, the wine bottles sit beneath the surface until they become gorgeous coral and shell-speckled vases that holds ocean-aged wine. 

Wine enthusiasts will be excited to know that tours of the underwater winery (and of the process itself) are available through scuba diving. While you're at it, why not check out the sunken ship in Mali Ston Bay? You can reward yourself for your bravery with a delicious glass of vino afterwards, and it doesn't get much better than that.

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