croatia fining tourists

If you’re planning on partying it up in Croatia this summer, you might want to keep the drunk behavior to a minimum.

The Croatian Island of Hvar, which is located just off the Dalmatian Coast, has just welcomed its new mayor, who is starting to crack down on tourists in the area who are tainting the island's glamorous image.

While once known for its pristine beaches and laid back atmosphere, Hvar is now attracting tourists for its wild nightlife and round-the-clock bars and is now warning tourists that their bad behavior will have consequences.

Tourists who don’t behave themselves are at risk of paying hefty fines, with signs have been placed at the entrances to the town center which read ‘Save your money and enjoy Hvar’.  Boozy behavior is punishable by up to €700, while shirtless holidaymakers could be forced to pay fines of €500-600 if caught wandering through the town center.