main stage with artists playing at firefly music festival

Summer is closing in fast, and nothing kicks it off quite like Firefly Music Festival. From June 15th-18th, huge artists from Indie Rock to Hip Hop take the stage in Dover, Delaware, and fans from all over the country flock to one spot. That said, navigating where to go, what to buy, what to see, and what to do can be a little overwhelming, especially when the festival is just a fleeting four days. Fortunately, we’ve put together this inside guide.

How to Get there

First off: how to get there. This is probably the most important piece of information to take away from this guide. While Google Maps is your friend when driving to find the festival grounds, navigating the parking/camping situation can be a bit of a headache. Thankfully, there are maps available on the festival website to help you out. And if you’ve bought a ticket, a more detailed map will be sent along with it. If you’re flying in, there's also plenty of public transit like buses and trains that will take you to the festival grounds.

Where to Stay

If you’re not camping, glamping, or doing anything 'amping' on the festival grounds, there are plenty of hotels and motels surrounding the area. There's also Airbnb’s if you’re looking for something a little more private, though those tend to be a hot commodity. The Firefly Festival website also offers deluxe travel packages, which range from simple stays at the local Holiday Inn to stays at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino with VIP passes to the festival. However you decide to do it, there are plenty of places to rest your pretty head.

Which Artists to Catch

One of the hardest decisions to make at any music festival is to decide which artists you want to see, especially if you find yourself in a large group of friends with a wide variety of music tastes. Bad news: chances are you’re going to have to split up, and picking your days is key. For instance, Saturday is focused on Hip-Hop and Pop, while Friday offers more of a Indie-Rock variety. This year the acts vary from big names like Chance The Rapper to Franz Ferdinand to others like Twenty-One Pilots, T-Pain, Glass Animals, The Weekend, and The Shins. Pick a name and commit — it's the only way to go.

What to Eat

Food is one of those awesome bonuses of Festival life, and in some ways it’s almost as important as the music. This year, the variety of choices is insane, as they range from Subway to Soba Noodles. While there is a comprehensive list online, some great picks would be Wok on The Wild Side, Grotto Pizza, The Burger Joint, Peace Love Tacos, and Butt Hut SmokeHouse. Trust us, you've got to try it.

What to Pack

What you pack depends a bit on where you're staying, though things like sunscreen, plenty of water, a sunhat and an extra pair of socks are always a priority. If you’re camping, tents, grills, site flags, coolers, and an extra set of car keys are a must. Much like most other festival grounds, the Firefly Festival campsites come totally empty, so you’re asked to supply everything you need. For everyone else, it might also be helpful to bring a spare battery pack to charge your phone while out on the festival grounds. Chances are you'd rather be out there than seeking an outlet.

What VIP gets you

Lastly, (and for those of you who only like ‘the best of the best’), there's the VIP options. There are two tiers of VIP at Firefly: Regular VIP, and Super VIP. A regular 4-Day VIP pass costs about $700 after taxes and fees and gets you: VIP viewing to all stages, private restrooms, exclusive dining options, access to the VIP hospitality tent, and access to private cash bars. If that's not enough for you, we recommend you try out Super VIP. For roughly $2,500 you get all the regular VIP access as well as: access to artist lounges, a private open bar, two meal vouchers per day, premium Firefly main stage viewing, golf cart concierge service, and premier parking. So if you’ve ever wondered what royalty at a festival actually felt like, Super VIP is the way to go.

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