the spiral viewpoint at Denmark's treetop walkway

Between urban development, growing populations, and of course climate change, the fight to protect our planet has never been more important. And while things may not be able to change overnight, it is the little things that add up — one of which can soon be found in a Danish forest. 

A treetop walkway titled the Treetop Experience is being built in Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest in Haslev, Denmark. Designed by Danish architecture firm, EFFEKT, it's intended as a way to experience the forest, but with minimal disruption to the environment.

Home to stunning water cliffs, lakes, and even wetlands, the forrest offers lots to visitors during daylight hours. The new Treetop Experience route will start at the Camp Adventure Farmhouse, and will be a total of 600 metres, with rest stops along the way. Once visitors reach the end of the route, they'll be rewarded with a 45-metre spiralling observation tower and 360 degree views.

Expected to open in summer 2018, the walk is being built out of all natural materials found in the forest itself. The end result will be beautiful, natural, and hopefully, more sustainable for the future.