Dubai is one of the few cities in the world to offer one-of-a-kind activities to anyone at any age. It's really like one giant amusement park, but with the opulence and style of an exclusive, A-list event. Here thrill seekers and casual adventurers can indulge in some pretty insane experiences, and better yet, it hardly requires any effort. So instead of spending your next vacation sunning yourself by the pool, consider trying one (or all) of these six activities.

Skydive over Palm Jumeirah

If you want to see Dubai from a new and blood-pumping perspective, what better way than skydiving? Sure, you can skydive pretty much anywhere else in the world, but doing it over Dubai is incomparable. See in Dubai, you don't just jump out of a plane — you jump out and fly over the picturesque man made islands of Palm Jumeirah. Just take a moment to picture yourself free-falling over the Palm, and imagine the sick video (and Instagrams) that come out of it. For newbies, this experience will cost you a grand total of about $2000, but if skydiving is an every day occurrence for you, it will only cost $120.

Drive through the dunes to an authentic bedouin campsite

In Dubai, you can go from the crowded city streets to a quiet desert oasis all in a matter of minutes. A wild ride up and down sand dunes in the middle of the nowhere will have you experiencing authentic AUE life, and will bring you to a beautiful Bedouin campsite. Here you'll be spoiled with Arabic luxuries like a delicious barbecue dinner, camel rides, and enchanting entertainment. You’ll also see the most picturesque sunset over the shifting sand dunes. An activity made for a group of friends, this excursion will cost on average of $80.00 per person.

Play tennis in the world’s highest tennis court

Tennis is already a stylish sport, and now you can take it (quite literally) to the next level. Only in Dubai can you have the opportunity to sweat out your best tennis game at the most exclusive and expensive 7-star hotel in the world: the Burj al Arab. The hotel's helicopter pad has been turned into a full-blown tennis court, and it once hosted a game between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. Naturally a visit at the Burj al Arab (and the world's highest court) will cost you — on average $24,000 a night. That said, you can always sneak in a visit by attending High Tea at the Skyview Bar for $130 a person.

Watch sharks swim in the world’s largest shopping mall

Shopaholics, grab your cards. The Dubai mall is the world's largest shopping destination, with designer goods and trending fashions practically bursting at the seams. It's also home to Dubai’s aquarium, which means while you're window-shopping for Gucci and Chanel, you can witness actual sharks swim around you. If you want to break out of your safe shopping habits, consider cage snorkeling where you will come face to face with over 300 sharks and rays. The aquarium offers a variety of different excursions and packages, but if cage snorkeling meets your fancy, $130 dollars will do.

Ski at the world’s largest indoor ski slopes

From the world's highest tennis court to the world's largest shopping mall, we're beginning to see a trend. Next up comes the world's largest indoor ski slope, where you can put on real ski gear, shred some man-made snow, and forget for a moment that you’re actually travelling in the Middle East. For $190, you have access to an indoor ski 'resort' that offers a beginner slope, an advanced run, a tobogganing hill, and even access to super-cute snow penguins that roam the premises. If nothing else, it's the place to escape from the desert's blazing heat.   

Sleep underwater

On the aforementioned palm-shaped island sits Dubai's Atlantis Hotel, where for roughly $5,000 a night you can book one of the underwater suits to seep with the fishes. In the Neptune Suite, you’ll be at eye level with over 65,000 marine species, including tiny fish, rays, and sharks. And in all honesty, there’s no hiding from these creatures; they surround your room from floor to ceiling. If you'd rather have the option of above or below sea-level, the Seahorse suites are worth looking into.

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