A beach in the new floating Venice project in Dubai

Dubai is a place where the impossible always seems to be made possible. With man-made islands and rainforests, indoor ski hills, and underwater hotel rooms, it seems as though there's nothing they can't do, and now they're proving that point with the greatest challenge yet — a floating replica of the entire city of Venice.

The 680 million-dollar project is scheduled for completion in 2020, and is being planned in the form of a luxury resort; one where Venice's gondolas, canals, and possibly even festivals will all be available. Located in The World development — an artificial group of islands constructed less than three miles from shore — the resort will have 180 undersea bedroom cabins, three subaquatic restaurants, an underwater lobby, and three other, additional decks.

Underwater tourism has been on the rise around the world, and Dubai is certainly no newcomer. With the Floating Seahorse project already open for business, we'll just tack this one onto the list of other impressive achievements.