At this point, there's not a doubt in our minds that Dubai is home to some of the craziest venues in the world. Between indoor ski hills, the tallest building, and entire rainforests constructed within hotels, this next one may seem like nothing special, but trust us — it is. 

As part of Sunsets music festival — which takes place in November — a floating bar has popped up off the shore of Barasti Beach near the Dubai Marina. Lasting from now until November 4, visitors can grab a bucket of booze from the Barasti Beach Bar on land and take it to the floating bar, where they can enjoy what organizers are calling "an hour of the most Instagrammable fun in the sun."

The festival itself will run from November 2 - 4, with dedicated zones themed as different elements like water, fire, earth, and wind. Open from noon to 6pm every day, we're pretty sure Barasti Beach bar will have that first element completely covered.