Young man talking on phone at airport lounge

Getting to the airport early is all fun and games until you get to your gate and realize you have three hours to kill. Even worse? When said gate has little or no options for food — it's pretty hard to fulfil your cravings for Pad Thai at a Starbucks, or Wendy's, after all. 

Luckily, Deliveroo is here with the perfect solution to your problems. Yup, next time your gate's food and beverage options simply aren't cutting it, give Deliveroo a call and they'll meet you at your gate ready to banish your hanger in seconds. This is sure to be a game-changer for fussy eaters, those with no time to stop for a snack, and of course, passengers unlucky enough to be waiting for a delayed flight.

To take advantage of this service, passengers simply place an order on Deliveroo’s website, or via the quick link on the airport’s free high-speed Wi-Fi service known as Wow-Fi. They can then order from over ten participating outlets, including Costa, Giraffe, Café Chocolate, Picnic, Paul Bakery & Restaurant, Pulp Juice, Carluccio’s, Le Pain Quotidien and McDonald’s. Although the service is only available for passengers in Dubai International Airport currently, Deliveroo has plans to expand before too long.  

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