dubai featured

Dubai is an incredible place. It's Islamic in culture, innovative in architecture, and so brand-spanking new that it sparkles. Like a shimmering diamond in the UAE desert, the city has seemingly risen from the sand, and all in less than two hundred years. 

Considering how young it is, Dubai has already made quite a mark on the world. Here, nothing is impossible — the city borders on the edge of the Persian Gulf, yet it boasts the world's largest indoor ski slopes and rainforests. There's world-class nightlife, bars made of gold, and (clearly) a lot of money everywhere you look. After all, the city made a fortune out of the oil and trade industries.

The best time of year to take advantage of all offerings is between November and March, when the whether is hot, but not yet unbearable. And while the annual Shopping Festival in January and February is worthy of a visit, it's also worth noting that those months see peak tourism season, so expect to have plenty of company on Jumeirah Beach. 

Even beyond its sandy shores, though, Dubai is full of photographic opportunities. Whether it's capturing the vertigo-inducing heights of Burj Khalifa, the dancing lights in the Dubai fountain, or aerial views of the palm-shaped, man-made islands, no two shots are alike, and none can be compared to the other. Don't believe us? Check out the inspiring Instagrams below.