Flying Drone Passenger

Ever get stuck in rush hour traffic and wonder how much better it'd be if everyone just carpooled? Well, Dubai is solving that congestion problem and taking its solution to a whole other level –  a much, much higher level, to be exact.

As if hyperloop trains weren't enough, the City of Gold and extravagance is again making news with a declaration that passenger drones will become a norm for its citizens by this summer. In a video released by Dubai's Roads and Transportation Agency, the electric Ehang 184 vehicle is seen to transport a dapper businessman and his briefcase over the city and into the skies.

"Auto-piloted, directed and monitored via a Command Centre," the pilot-free drone can carry up to 100kg for 30 minutes at a time. A tablet on the dashboard allows you to tap and select a destination - just like your GPS, but much more Minority Report. While no details about what kind of regulations will accompany this foray into air traffic, Dubai is ready to launch their first Ehang 184s as early as July, along with electric charging stations.

Like the video says – get ready to take flight into the future.

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