Dubai has released plans for yet another jaw-dropping project for the rest of the world to gawk at. As if the world's tallest building, indoor ski resorts, hyperloop trains, and passenger drones aren't enough, the record-setting city has announced that it will unveil the world's first rotating skyscraper in 2020.

Designed by Italian architect David Fisher, the Dynamic Tower Hotel will boast 80 floors that can swivel a complete 360 degrees. Guests will be able to select which direction they'd like to face, at which time of the day – so that you can see both the sunrise and the sunset while lying in the same bed. At 1,375ft high, we can only imagine what those views would look like. The structure will also be environmentally-friendly and self-powered with the help of wind turbines installed between each floor, as well as solar panels on the roof.

Sound like a great vacation spot? One night at this futuristic accommodation will only set you back a cool $30 million, but the advanced amenities and decor will definitely make up for the hole in your wallet.

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