Resorts and hotels are evolving every day, expanding to include unconventional options like camping on a New York rooftop or traipsing around in a treehouse. The latest trend, however, takes to the seas. The Heart of Europe, headquartered in Dubai, has successfully sold out the first few phases of their floating homes (known as seahorses), and they have now officially announced the next opportunity.

The Tzar Edition of the floating seahorse will be located at St. Petersburg Island, which has been built in the shape of a heart. The resort itself will feature white sandy beaches, tropical gardens, a huge infinity pool, shallow lagoons, and exclusive restaurants and bars. The crown jewel of the resort, though, will be the Seahorses.

Floating out in the water, you will be completely isolated from society, with nothing but the waves and sea life to keep you company (unless you bring someone else to share in the experience). The Seahorse will have its kitchen and living space above the water, while the bedroom and bathroom will be tucked downstairs, completely submerged in the ocean. Floor to ceiling windows will allow for an expansive view of the colorful reef and surrounding sea life, so you can watch the community of tropical fish from the bath or bed before heading upstairs to sun yourself on the deck.

If you’re interested (and how could you not be?) contact The Heart of Europe in Dubai for more information. Or check out this gorgeous video to see it IRL: