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Traveling Europe on a budget can be tough — particularly with the amount of luxury high-end hotels lining the streets. If you’re looking for something a little more homely and a little less hotel-y, Airbnb’s are a great alternative.

From a Croatian lighthouse by the sea, to a traditional timberhouse in Lapland, we've taken Europe’s most wish-listed properties, and compiled them to make a colorful map. So next time you’re taking a trip and you’re in need of some recommendations, you know where to look. Happy traveling!

1 Andorra: Stone House with Private Garden (From $70 per night)

2 Austria: Spacious Apartment near Metro (From $49 per night)
3 Belgium: Cozy Room in Medieval Town (From $58 per night)
4 Bulgaria: Artistic Flat in City Center (From $35 per night)
5 Croatia: Lighthouse by the Sea (From $164 per night)
6 Cyprus: Beach House by the Sea (From $78 per night)
7 Czech Republic: Newly Pepped-up Studio (From $63 per night)
8 Denmark: Beautiful Family Apartment (From $162 per night)
9 Estonia: Comfy Apartment in Old Town (From $39 per night)
10 Finland: Traditional Timberhouse in Lapland (From $88 per night)
11 France: Charming Seaside House (From $199 per night)
12 Germany: Original Afghani Yurt (From $49 per night)
13 Greece: Hector Cave House (From $356 per night)
14 Hungary: Bare-Brick Cottage (From $29 per night)
15 Iceland: Golden Circle Cottage (From $200 per night)
16 Ireland: Original Medieval Castle (From $191 per night)
17 Italy: Luxurious Lakeside Home (From $96 per night)
18 Latvia: Charming Flat in Āgenskalns (From $38 per night)
19 Lithuania: Two-Story Apartment in Old Town (From $44 per night)
20 Luxembourg: Little Cabin in the Woods (From $102 per night)
21 Malta: Penthouse with Gorgeous Views (From $76 per night)
22 Monaco: Cote D’Azur Loft (From $88 per night)
23 Netherlands: Cube House (From $165 per night)
24 Norway: Small Cottage on Private Island (From $244 per night)
25 Poland: Art Nouveau Fla (From $34 per night)
26 Portugal: Mountain Villa (From $88 per night)
27 Romania: Wooden Attic Suite (From $43 per night)
28 San Marino: Apartment in Historic City Center (From $64 per night)
29 Slovakia: Lovely Studio in Old Town (From $37 per night)
30 Slovenia: House Gabrijel (From $70 per night)
31 Spain: Spacious Apartment in Eixample (From $270 per night)
32 Sweden: Sea Cottage on Archipelago (From $233 per night)
33 United Kingdom: Victorian Castle (From $156 per night)

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