The number-crunchers at Kayak have been busy. In addition to releasing recent statistics on the most-Googled spring break destinations for both Canada and the US, they have just released another game changing report and the message is clear: book your flights to Europe now.

Data collected by the mega travel search engine found that flights from the United States to Europe have been consistently dropping in price year after year, with cities such as Barcelona, Paris and Reykjavik seeing 20% to 30% annual decreases – and this summer is projected to dip even lower. Zurich is expected to see the most drastic changes, with fares falling by as much as 42% this summer.

The reason? Kayak determined the rise of low-cost transatlantic airlines such as the new Barcelona-based LEVEL, as well as the current strength of the US dollar as two major factors. Historic data has also revealed May to be the cheapest month to fly – so if you've been eyeing that roundtrip to the French Riviera, now is the perfect time to fire up your flight search engines.

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