Houses and catherdral in Cobh, Ireland

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But there's one European airline with an idea that might surprise you.

Soon, when you book flights with EasyJet, you will also receive the option to get free accommodation by pet sitting. Those who are on vacation and are reluctant to leave their beloved furry friends behind will also get the option to book a pet sitter.

As part of a collaboration between EasyJet and TrustedHousesitters, the new scheme is launching sometime in early 2018 and was thought up after 58 percent of passengers quizzed as part of a survey said they would travel more if they had better pet care solutions.

The only catch? You need to pay £89 to become a member — although it's a small price to pay given the fact you'll either be bagging yourself a free vacation home or getting the chance to go on vacation. How has this not been thought up before?

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