San Marino Castle

There are 196 countries in the world - but size isn't always everything. With increased land mass comes an increasing number of built up areas and, you've guessed it, tourists. The world's smaller countries tend to receive fewer tourists - with a couple of exceptions, Monaco and the Maldives, both of which are popular tourist destinations.

Fifth on the list of smallest countries is a little place called San Marino, which, according to the UN World Tourism Organization, has the lowest tourist numbers in all of Europe. With close proximity to Italy, exceptional mountain views, and home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Mount Titano and the historic city center, it's a wonder this 23.6-square-mile-country receives so little attention, but whether or not it'll stay that way is the real question.

If fancy architecture and mountain views aren't your thing, perhaps San Marino's status as a foodie's paradise will. With a unique culinary scene, it's best-known for its delicious pasta and meat dishes, which you can enjoy in between trips to the local beaches and rides on the historic cable cars. If this sounds like somewhere you want to visit, go now while it's still a hidden gem.

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