a young couple on a cruise ship

Typically speaking, traveling through Europe in your twenties can be a bit of a financial challenge. With the Euro higher in value than the US or Canadian dollar, and cost of living multiple times that of what it is in areas like Southeast Asia, it's not always the easiest trip to pull off. That said, it's also a right of passage — and one that we'd rather do sooner than later. So the question then is, how do you do it without breaking the bank?

While there's the typical hostels and affordable busses, there's now a much more luxurious option on the table. A new Millennial-only cruise called U by Uniworld is setting sail in 2018, and it's getting ready to explore some of the coolest (and most bragworthy) destinations at an actually affordable price. For just $200 to $250 per day, those between 21-45 can experience cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and Budapest, and overnight stops can quench your thirst for the nightlife scene. Better yet, U by Uniworld's sister brand, Contiki, is offering night tours that "allow passengers to really connect with a city and the people who live there."

The concept comes with two gorgeous ships — "The A" and "The B" — which will be able to accommodate an intimate crowd of just 120 travelers. Equipped with rooftop lounges, nightclubs, yoga studios, and coffee bars, it's just one photographic moment after another waiting to happen. Toss in the fact that celebrity cookbook author Bea Thollman will be overseeing all the food, and that mixology classes, craft beer tastings, and Wifi will all be available, and you're well on your way to that Instagram fame.