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When booking budget flights, you can either look at it one of two ways. A) You're saving a good chunk of money — or B) You get to spend more money on extras like eating out, and of course, shopping. If the latter applies to you, this European airline has the perfect solution.

Norweigan Air is doubling the number of flights between Dublin and Stewart International Airport in New York State to twice a day. 

The roughly six-hour flights will leave Dublin at 8:30 am and arrive at 10:30 am local time. From there, they will be given the option to board a shuttle which takes them to premium outlet centre Woodbury Common and, wait for it, leave the very same day. Yep, this set up is truly a shopaholic's dream.

Travelers can choose to make it back to the airport for the evening flight to Dublin — or if they want to check out Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, could choose to stay a little longer in the Big Apple. Hoorah!

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