a group of friends drinking beer and having fun at a music festival

While some of us would rather not celebrate turning another year older, others like to mark the occasion with a party, or two. Okay maybe three if you're super popular. This place? It's having 365 parties.

The tiny little beach town which goes by the name of Scheveningen (and is located in the Netherlands) is soon celebrating its 200th birthday — and to mark the occasion it's throwing a year-long party.

The party started on New Year's Day, when over 10,000 people stripped down for their annual New Year's Dive (or Polar Bear Swim to you and me). But if you missed out on that one, there will be a ton of other events you can get involved in if you happen to be traveling to the Netherlands anytime soon — including the Sand Sculpting World Championships in June, the International Fireworks Festival in August, and the world’s biggest motocross beach race in November.

You can find out more, and see a list of events here.

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