Young female traveler in international airport

We already have a million things on our mind when we're preparing for a trip — did we turn off the stove? Lock the door? Where's my passport? You get the idea. And as much as we don't need any extra stress (like, at all), yet another airline is looking to weigh their passengers before a flight, and that, my friends, is stress at its finest.

Following the controversial idea taken on by Hawaiian Airlines, Finnair is now taking matters (and your weight) into their own hands so they can more accurately balance weight on their planes. Currently, the airline bases operations on a 2009 Survey done by he European Avian Safety Association; one that tells them the weight of the average passenger and their carry-on. That said, it's been eight years, and chances are that data has changed over time. 

Luckily, the entire thing is completely optional, meaning you can choose whether or not to volunteer stepping on that scale. The airline is hoping that somewhere between 100 and 150 passengers won't have a problem volunteering their weight for safety purposes, and will step onto the scale with their carry-ons prior to boarding. The question we want to know is, what happens when all that weight adds up to be more than expected? We certainly don't need any more people being bumped from their flights — especially for weight reasons.