More likely than not, you opened this article to scan for a country name that will satisfy your curiosity. That said, we'll start with Iceland — even though it was actually third on the list of safest nations. Did we get you?

Jokes aside, as travelers we're always looking for new places to explore, and with all the turmoil in the Middle East, instability of the United States, and far yet looming threat of North Korea, options are becoming more and more limited. That said, the actual Nordic country that you should take to this year is Finland. 

Snuggled in between Sweden, Norway, and Russia, Finland is surrounded by happiness, filled with culture, and now named a safe haven for travelers. The title was given by the veritable World Economic Forum as part of the 2017 Travel & Tourism Report, along with nine other nations. While the US and Canada didn't even make the top ten, these are the countries that did:

1. Finland
2. United Arab Emirates
3. Iceland
4. Oman
5. Hong Kong SAR
6. Singapore
7. Norway
8. Switzerland
9. Rwanda
10. Qatar

If you're still caught up on the idea of Iceland, you'll love this epic video.