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Leave it to the food capital of Europe to scientifically rank the world’s best restaurants. A French government official has come up with an algorithm that searches the internet for the general population’s all-time favorites, and has ranked them all. Spoiler alert: Chipotle didn’t make the cut.

La Liste was developed by the former French foreign minister and current Deputy Chairman of France’s Tourism Promotion Board, Philippe Faure. His impressive system collects reviews and ratings from sites like Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and the Michelin Guide, and then each review is converted to a score between 0 and 100. Next, thousands of chefs are polled on the sources of their reviews, and each source is scored between 0 and 10 for trustworthiness. Finally, each restaurant is given a final score, which is the average of all of its reviews weighted by the trustworthiness score. So far, La Liste has collected almost ten million reviews from restaurants in 135 countries, such as the US, Tokyo, Italy, and of course, France.

And now, the full list of 1,000 restaurants. Kidding, but we will say that France got the number one spot (not surprisingly) with Guy Savoy in Paris being named the world’s best restaurant with a score of 99.75. The second best is Kyo Aji in Tokyo, and third is La Bernardin in NYC. The full list can be found on their website, and there is a La Liste app, too, which will come in handy the next time we’re arguing about where to get dinner.