Young businessman talking on smart phone in front of airplane

Oh Millennials. We're the self-deprecating, sarcastic, and Insta-famous generation that's nothing like the last, and apparently, big-name companies are catching on. We're not just talking about Nike making customizable roshes, though — we're talking full on airlines.

Yes, Air France has had the wonderful idea of rolling out an entirely new airline that's Millennial focused. Temporarily titled Boost, the low-cost carrier will offer food, drinks, and entertainment that's geared more towards Millennials, and less towards, well, everyone else. Whether that means avocado toast will be on the menu or Netflix on the TV's is still unknown, but we have to say we're pretty excited to find out.

The plan is to start with just five jets (all Airbus 320s) that will likely fly from Italy, Spain, and Turkey to start. From there, the number will increase to 18 single-aisle jets in 2018, and ten more long-haul planes by 2020. Of these, the latter will include such destinations as Asia, which is popular choice amongst the Millennial crowd (Thailand, anyone?).

And while we hate to mention it, we feel it mandatory to note that with most budget airlines, extra costs tend to come with everything. So if you plan to travel Boost, definitely pack light.

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