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Whatever your stance on climate change, it’s hard to argue that snow isn’t melting. After all, we can see it. Tignes Ski Resort in France has lost about three months of skiing season because of it, and are spending an estimated €62 million (about $65 million USD) to reclaim them by building an indoor slope.

The Ski Line is set to open in 2018, and will feature a huge snow dome with a 1,300-foot ski slope, running over a mile up the slalom piste near the Val Claret village (about a three-hour drive east of Lyon). In addition to the near perfect skiing, the Ski Line will also feature a surf center and shopping area. As you may have guessed, Ski Dubai provided a lot of inspiration for Tignes to build such a structure.

The resort is part of the Grande Motte glacier in the French Alps, which has already lost roughly 30 percent of its skiing area. Hence, the normally year-round ski resort has reduced its season to nine months instead. The mayor of Tignes, Jean-Christophe Vitale, hopes that the Ski Line will combat this and make the resort skiable 365 days of the year again, as well as bring more tourism to the area and attract athletes to train on the off season. He very well may meet that goal, now that officials have given him the green light to start fundraising for the project, although it is getting some pushback. Environmentalist groups claim that building such a Disneyland type of resort crosses a line and disrespects the mountain. We see their point, and we can't forget that climate change is a serious issue, but hitting the slopes 365 days a year sounds pretty damn good to us.