The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson Hammock hanging on the tree with a beautiful landscape and a lake on the back

For those who love the outdoors, camping becomes a recurring summer event. As the weather warms weekend after weekend, the tents go up, the campfires sparked, and the coolers chilled. There's nothing quite like roughing it in the bush... unless of course, you aren't all that familiar with mother nature. As much fun as it may be, some of us need a little extra help from our equipment. After all, not everyone is a natural Bear Grylls. 

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The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

While bulky waterproof tents and durable tarps are all well and good in harsher climates, those in more temperate areas should look to the award-winning Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock. This hybrid tent-hammock is easy to assemble and allows you to string up your accommodation anywhere you please, eliminating the need to level out the ground or get used to the bugs. Oh, and just in case they don't quite get the hint, this perfect little abode has both bug netting and a rainfly to keep you safely snuggled away from both the elements and creepy crawly legs. Yeah, we thought you might prefer that.

The Scrubba Wash Bag

Anyone who's planning to be outdoors for more than one night or simply likes to stay clean at all times, we have just one word: Scrubba. These innovative little laundry bags are lightweight, compact, and quick and easy to use. To wash the dirt, sweat, and tears (hey, some of us have a hard time in the wild) out of your clothing, simply place them in the bag with water and cleaning liquid, roll and clip the bag to secure its contents, release any excess air, and rub your clothes against the internal washboard. In just 30 seconds to three minutes later, you'll have freshly washed clothes that you can rinse clean and dry. Who knew laundry could be so easy to come by?

The NeoAir Dream Mattress

How often have you gone on a camping trip equipped with a sleeping bag and pillow, only to have left behind the most important element of all: your mattress. Not only does it provide far more comfort than a rocky, pebbly, or root-grown ground does, but it also helps you to stay warmer and drier. The perfect answer to this problem is the NeoAir Dream Mattress. Far smaller than those huge queen-sized blow-up mattresses you'll find in outdoor stores, the NeoAir has been designed by an actual mattress company, and is small and light enough to pack with you anywhere. Better yet, it comes with a pump, so you won't find yourself in a tricky (and extremely depressing) situation.

The Big Blo One Seater

Typically speaking, camping chairs consist of a few foldable bars and some stretched out canvas. While that's great for those who like to rough it, we're in favor of something a little more luxurious. The Big Blo One Seater may look totally ridiculous to bring on a camping trip, but when you think about it, it's actually pretty genius. This inflatable couch doesn't take up much space when it's deflated, but put a little air in it and you'll be sitting pretty next to the campfire in the comforts of a chesterfield. The one thing worth mentioning? It does have some significant weight to it (which will happen when it's made of durable PVC material), but that's worth the trouble if you can drive your car into the campsite. Like the NeoAir mattress, this one comes with its own pump.

The Water-resistant, Wireless Bose Speaker

While nature-lovers may argue otherwise, a camping trip isn't complete without some good tunes. Whether you want to have sing-a-longs around the fire or simply some background music while you cook, swim, or stretch out in the sun, Bose has your back. Their totally-portable SoundLink Color speakers have long battery life, bold colours (so you won't easily misplace it), wireless bluetooth connectivity, and water-resistant finishing. Just make sure your phone is well-charged and your playlists are updated prior to the trip and you're good to go.

Wondering where to camp? Why not head to California's Burney Falls.

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