If your resolutions for 2017 are more about getting cultured than getting fit (we don't blame you) then hitting up a bunch of museums and galleries is probably on your to-do list. And why wouldn't it be? Today's world-class museums are so much cooler, swankier and more interesting than the musty attractions your parents used to drag you to on family vacation. 

We've hand-picked the best of the lot, to create this mammoth list of 25 incredible museums around the world you've gotta visit in 2017. Yes, there's multiple entries from heavyweights like London and New York, but also entries from Japan, Colombia, Egypt and more. Check it out, as well as the map of their locations to really cement your new year's wanderlust:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Where: New York, America
Why: The largest art museum in the US, the The Met houses over 5,000 years of incredible art.


Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Why: Go to the Rijksmuseum for a ton of Dutch art and history from as far back as the Middle Ages.

British Museum

Where: London, England
Why: Gorgeous architecture and a vast collection of art and artifacts is just a selection of what the British Museum boasts.

Uffizi Gallery

Where: Florence, Italy
Why: The Uffizi Gallery houses some of the most important works of the Renaissance.

Museum of Modern Art

Where: New York, America
Why: The gem of Midtown Manhattan, the MoMA has incredibly thoughtful exhibitions and some killer cafes and restaurants.

Guggenheim Museum

Where: Bilbao, Spain
Why: The Guggenheim's architecture is captivating, as is the modern and contemporary art.

Science Museum

Where: London, England
Why: Everything to do with science is covered at the Science Museum, and it's super interactive.

Vasa Museum

Where: Stockholm, Sweden
Why: The most-visited museum in Scandinavia, the Vasa Museum is home to the only preserved 17th-century ship in the world.

J. Paul Getty Museum

Where: LA, America
Why: Housing something for everyone, this Californian dazzler, J. Paul Getty Museum, is next level unique.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Where: Vienna, Austria
Why: Stunning and opulent, Kunsthistorisches Museum has Austria's largest collection of art.

National Museum of China

Where: Beijing, China
Why: Situated in Tiananmen Square, the National Museum of China is all about the art and history of China.

Tokyo National Museum

Where: Taitō, Japan
Why: The largest art museum in Japan, Tokyo National Museum is full of amazing pottery, Buddhist sculptures, and samurai swords.

Pergamon Museum

Where: Berlin, Germany
Why: Located on Museum Island, Pergamon Museum's sections range from Islamic art to the Antiquity Collection.

Art Institute of Chicago

Where: Chicago, America
Why: The Art Institute of Chicago houses a damn impressive 300000+ works of art within its 10 curatorial departments

Hermitage Museum

Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Why: Hermitage Museum offers a beautiful building and one of the largest collections of Western European Art in the world.

The Louvre

Where: Paris, France
Why: The world's largest museum and quite the impressive landmark, The Louvre is a must-go.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Where: Cairo, Egypt
Why: Go to the Egyptian Museum for the world's most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Where: London, England
Why: The V&A is home to a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects to do with art and design.

Acropolis Museum

Where: Athens, Greece
Why: A glass beauty showcasing ancient artifacts from the Acropolis archaeological site, the Acropolis Museum is dreamy.

Royal Ontario Museum

Where: Toronto, Canada
Why: The largest museum in Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum teaches much about natural history and world cultures.

Gold Museum

Where: Bogotá, Colombia
Why: One of the most-visited attractions in Colombia, the Gold Museum displays an extraordinary selection of pre-Hispanic gold.

Van Gogh Museum

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Why: Dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh, the Van Gogh Museum is well worth the inevitable long line. 

National History Museum

Where: London, England
Why: Famous for its dinosaur skeletons and epic collections, the Natural History Museum is THE place for history buffs. 

Smithsonian Institution

Where: Washington, America 
Why: Technically this is actually a group of museums, but the National Museum of African Art reigns supreme.

Museo Nacional Del Prado

Where: Madrid, Spain
Why: The Museo Nacional Del Prado has one of the world's finest collections of European art, dating from the 12th to the early 20th century.