female traveler wandering a european city

Even making travel our utmost priority, taking frequent trips can be tough. There's the time off from work and the general preparations, and then there's of course the cost. Luckily, another contest is underway where you can win free travel.

Advertised as a free trip every year for the rest of their life, there's just one little catch. A clause states that the 'rest of your life' means the 'next 25 years', though if you're still in your twenties that will take you well into middle-age.

Hosted by tour company Exodus Travels, the trips will all be from their roster of 600 global adventures and will range from cycling Croatia's coast to exploring Italy's wine region. Apparently, the "experiences are focused on maximizing the experience and sustainable tourism, while minimizing the effects on the local environment."

The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada until September 15, with a winner being selected on September 20. As far as requirements go, you simply choose your three dream trips on their website. After your wish list has been made, you just sit back, relax, and wait for it to become a reality — hopefully for the next 25 years.