Music festivals are great – but living in a muddy tent and going showerless for a whole weekend isn't. Is it so hard to do some plein air partying and enjoy live music without worrying about smelly clothes and gross port-a-potties? Thankfully, a new festival promises to solve that problem by adding a touch of luxe and glamor to the whole Coachella-and-Lollapalooza scene.

Claiming to be "a departure from the familiar", the all-new Fyre Music & Art Festival will be held on a remote island in the Bahamas and will feature a star-studded crowd; we're talking Major Lazer, Disclosure, the Hadid sisters, and actress-model Emily Ratajkowski. Instead of tents, guests have the option of spending the weekend in a yacht (yacht brunch parties included), a cabana, or a villa. And forget food trucks; the Fyrestarters kickoff barbecue event will feed you both delicious roasts as well as bottles of champagne.

And if you decide to stay for both festival weekends, you can spend the weekdays in between taking a private plane tour of the island, going cave diving, or swimming with the famous hogs of Pig Beach. Sound like paradise? It pretty much is. Tickets are already on sale, and the festival itself runs from April 28th to May 7th – one week right after Coachella.