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If you've ever pulled down on your Instagram feed with your finger, you know just how many new photos come in with a refresh. On the explore page alone, hundreds of photos are posted pretty much every second, and sometimes you'll notice a pattern of pictures from a specific spot (ahem, Coachella during those two crazy weekends in April). 

So it begs the question — what really is the most Instagrammed spot in the world? Well, Dutch travel company TravelBird created a ranking based on the most hashtagged destinations in the US and the world, and topping the global list is surprisingly Disneyland. In second (and with less than half as many tags) comes Paris' Eiffel Tower, and following that in third place comes Walt Disney World. Yeah, we were pretty surprised too.

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Within the US specifically, the top two attractions were (of course) Disneyland and Walt Disney World, with South Beach, the Las Vegas Strip, Times Square, and Mardi Gras following thereafter. You can see the top ten attractions for both the US and the world below, and to view the full lists and interactive map, check out TravelBirds' full findings.

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