To raid a hot celebrity's closet would genuinely be a dream come true for us. Unfortunately, most of us don't get that chance, and need to instead resort to stalking their social media pages for a hint (or tag) of where each enviable item came from. What's even more exciting than what a celeb wore though, is what a celeb made, because it's completely and totally them. And with that in mind, here are five crazy cool collabs that have recently caught our eye.

Shay Mitchell x Bauble Bar

Price Range: $30-$60
Type of merchandise: Jewelry
Selected feature item: Vortex Choker

Equal parts next-level beautiful and seriously fun, Shay Mitchell is one of those celebrities that we'd actually do anything to befriend. For a glimpse at the inspiration behind her look, Mitchell launched a 26-piece collection of jewelry in collaboration with BaubleBar. As a guest “bartender” (the nickname for celebrities designing for the brand), Mitchell included everything from statement jewelry to everyday pieces.

Rihanna x Puma

Price Range: $80 - $200
Type of merchandise: Clothes, Shoes
Selected feature item: Shell-Colored Fur Slide

If you have Instagram and haven’t seen the pink, furry slide from this dynamite duo… be ashamed. It seems as if every blogger or street-style persona has snagged a pair, and it’s impossible of late to scroll through social media updates without seeing them. These Badgalriri-designed collections often sell out quickly, which isn't surprising given the avalanche of recent “How to find and buy Rihanna x PumaFenty collection” posts. It’s garnered attention from fashion experts as well, holding a show during Paris Fashion Week to launch the upcoming collection.

Rita Ora x Adidas

Price Range: $100~$200
Type of merchandise: Clothes, Shoes
Selected feature item: Women's Rita Ora Track Jacket

Adidas ambassador, singer-songwriter, and top TV host Rita Ora has once again partnered with the brand to create a unique line, titled “Color Paint Pack”. The collection puts a playful twist (which reflects Ora’s personal street-style outfits) on classic Adidas pieces such as the Superstars sneakers.

Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger

Price Range: Anywhere between $20 to $660
Type of merchandise: Clothes, Accessories, Fragrance
Selected feature item: Leather bucket bag

It’s safe to say that everything Gigi Hadid does — or wears, touches, (and in this case) designs — turns to gold. Timeless designer, Tommy Hilfiger, noticed that her 23 million followers tirelessly aspire to look like the celeb, which culminated in the Gigi x Tommy collab. The collaboration includes everything from fragrance to bags, and the price range is wide enough that everyone can pick up a piece of Gigi for themselves.

Olivia Palermo x Nordstrom

Price Range: $130-$200
Type of merchandise: Clothes
Selected feature item: Olivia Palermo Chelsea 28 Tie Neck Blouse 

The list of what we’d like to have for ourselves that belongs to Olivia Palermo is endless: a wardrobe full of classic and trendy items? Check. Ability to pull off a ZARA bag as if it’s a designer bag? Check. Model husband, good looks, check, check. While we can’t always imitate the other great things in her life, Palermo partnered with Chelsea28 for Nordstrom to recreate her chic, classic style at a shockingly affordable price.