If you've ever sat on your suitcase in an effort to close it, had to make 'cuts' on what's coming with you, or paid extra baggage fees, this one's for you. Saving you from the struggle comes the Airport Jacket, a Kickstarter campaign that allows you to carry up to 15 pounds of luggage in your coat. Which, by the way, turns into a bag. 

The revolutionary product has raised nearly AU $27,000 of it's $100,000 goal, with 110 backers and just 16 more days to go. Worn three ways —hip-length, thigh-length, or calf-length— the modular jacket comes in different weight options for different seasons, and has 14 pockets, a removable duffel bag, and two other removable pockets.

What does this mean? That you can skip those hugely annoying luggage lines, baggage claims, and fees. The only thing that sucks is the TSA security line — with that many pockets you're bound to make a few enemies. It's probably also worth noting that the coat won't exactly be slimming. I mean, you are carrying 15 pounds of stuff in your pockets, which is pretty hard to wear discreetly.