Just beautiful woman walking by streets

Elegance is a quality that almost everyone strives for, and yet only some can actually achieve. Defined as "graceful and stylish in appearance or manner" elegance has a certain sophistication to it, and wears many masks. It's certainly something that can be observed, but can very rarely be thoughtfully explained. 

 At least, this is the theory set by online fashion retailer, Zalando, who recently released a list of the most elegant cities in the world. According to their report, "a few world cities immediately spring to mind on hearing the word. When pressed, however, most people have a hard time explaining why — “It just is!” We put our preconceptions to the test, using data to define and evaluate where in the world the most elegant cities can be found."

And their results are a mix of the expected (ahem, Paris at number one) and the unexpected (like how New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world, is placed at number seven). The data mentioned by Zalando spans accross three categories: fashion factors, urban factors, and accessibility. In order for a city to make the list, it had to have placed highly in terms of "a thriving fashion scene, culturally and historically significant architecture, high tourism desirability, and an attractive point of entry for visitors."

You can see the full ranking of elegant cities below, or download the full research document for yourself here