Mmm... coffee. You either love it or you pretend you do (after loading it up with sugary concoctions), but either way it's a big part of our daily lives. It's so big, in fact, that particular destinations have become renowned for their coffee-brewing expertise — a trend that has caught onto. Based on over 21 million recommendations, they've made a list of the top nine destinations to get the very best cuppa Joe. And quite timely, too, because Interntional Coffee Day is just around the corner. 

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is widely regarded as the go-to city in Australia for the best coffee in the country, often upping the ante with skillful coffee art too (seriously, look it up). With countless cafes, restaurants and hole-in-the-wall coffee-producing outlets, there's no shortage of places to get your morning caffeine hit, but one of our favorites is The Hardware Societe. Located near Melbourne Central Railway Station, it's beloved for its superb coffee and Australian comfort food with French and Spanish influences. Also, despite the name, Heartattack and Vine on popular Lygon Street in Carlton, brings customers to life with each cup of joe, set within a swanky interior that's open until 11pm.

Vienna, Austria

The vibrant capital city of Austria knows coffee, ever since it was introducted through a conflict with Turkish forces in 1683. Viennese coffee houses are often set in establishments that are as historic and culturally rich as the coffee itself, combining Old World sensibility and style like at the venerable Café Hawelka, to the art-deco Café Prückel.

Rome, Italy

Coffee is part of the lifeblood of all Italians, best reflected in their passion for espresso in all of its forms. Visitors to the Eternal City can share in that thanks to two distinct “bars” (as coffeehouses are referred to here). First, there is the Antico Caffe Greco, erected in 1760 and home to the city’s largest private gallery with 300 works of art. The other is Antigua Tazza D’Oro, steps away from the Pantheon and well known for crafting specialty house blends including 'La Regina dei Caffe'.

Lviv, Ukraine

You can consider Lviv a city filled with coffee enthusiasts. Originally introduced by the coming of the Austrians in the late 18th century, coffee has become a way of life, resulting in numerous cafes and the annual 'Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv' festival. It is here that visitors can try different variations of the beverage, including those brewed in unique ways according to traditional recipes. To immerse yourself, try Svit Kavy, the company that set standards for specialty coffee, or Chehovych, which roasts its own beans.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

While coffee shops here are known hotspots for marijuana, Amsterdam is home to a growing specialty coffee culture that’s gaining attention across Europe. Try Espressofabriek near the Westerpark district, or visit the suave Screaming Beans, which has two locations in the city – one of which includes a pristine wine bar.

Paris, France

It comes as no surprise that one of the most picturesque cities in the world boasts countless postcard-perfect cafes. One of the best though that promises coffee as satisfying as the setting, is the cozy and welcoming Café Oberkampf, which serves up savory fare and rich brews. Another place to check out is the Café Suedois in the Marais district, housed inside a 16th century mansion with delicate Swedish touches on the menu to go with the fine coffee.

Istanbul, Turkey

Coffee has a long and storied tradition in Istanbul, dating back to the days of the Ottoman Empire, which is reflected in the plethora of cafes and shops in this grand city. Take in a stunning view of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus while sipping authentic Turkish coffee in style at Konak Café. But if you’re looking to indulge in various styles of Turkish coffee, the Petra Roasting Co. serves precisely that and more in a rustic setting at the Muse Istanbul.

Seattle, Washington

This Pacific Northwest metropolis has strong ties to coffee (one being the birthplace of Starbucks) and it shows as you journey throughout the cityscape, dotted by countless cafes. Enjoy these ties over a strong mug at the Victrola Café in the Capitol Hill district, or at La Marzocco, which is not only a coffee shop but an institute by the cafe's Italian coffee-making namesake. It's also in the same building as the city’s fabled KEXP radio station.

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand’s capital city is home to an invigorating coffee culture, with roasts that are having a global impact. Most flock to Flight Coffee Hangar for their robust blends and coffee 'tasting flights', but Pravda, nestled in the Lambton district, is an equally popular space with Italian flair. It's built its reputation on local coffee and for being a key destination for fashionistas.