As the old saying goes, a dog is a man's best friend — and what better way to reward your best friend than with a cocktail?

I know what you're thinking...cocktails for dogs? But rest assured, the exclusive ‘dogtail’ menu is designed by the bar’s mixology team and specialist canine nutritionalist David Jackson.

Featuring pup-friendly beer, and the Bubbly Bow Wowwith doggy prosecco, Mayfair bar Smith & Whistle invite your furry friends to enjoy their drinks on the terrace or in the main bar. Even better? They can then enjoy a stroll in the conveniently located Green Park just across the street.

The dogtail menu is available throughout April when the bar will be temporarily be renamed ‘Smith & Whistle & Max’ (‘Max’ is apparently the most popular dog name). For more information, check out the website. 

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