An Infographic created by of the most exclusive bars in the world.

Exclusivity is a term we've learned the meaning of through various points in our lives. Between being bumped by the 'popular' group in high school to not fitting in around the water cooler at work, it's a privilege that nearly all of us aim to achieve, and yet only some of us actually experience — particularly to its full potential. 

Because of this, our interest was piqued when we came across an infographic of the most exclusive bars in the world. The nightlife industry is already one of inside knowledge and 'I know a guy' brags, and now suddenly a light is being shone on the most mysterious and prestigious joints in the biz. So prestigious, in fact, that some big-name celebrities (ahem, Britney Spears) have allegedly beed rejected. Naturally, we wanted in.

And so we present to you this same infographic, if only for the gasps at the ghastly membership fees and 'oo's at the beautiful celebrity sightings. Whether you choose to use this newfound knowledge to your advantage or not, that's up to you. But if you do.. you didn't hear it from us. This one's all credit to

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